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Whether you are planning a financial education workshop, gathering tools for financial counseling sessions, or looking for the latest financial education research, NEFE has you covered.

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Financial Education Research

NEFE encourages better understanding of personal finance by identifying and promoting in-depth exploration of financial issues of concern to the public.

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Research-based Curriculum

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  • For Teens: For over 30 years, NEFE’s High School Financial Planning Program has provided educators of high school-aged children with the tools that they need to teach personal finance education.
  • For College Students: A real-life money guide helping college and university students make informed financial decisions during school and beyond.
  • For Adults: Financial Workshop Kits - Access everything you need to teach financial concepts in a group setting.
  • For Retirees: Learn how retirement can be possible by building your paycheck through eight decision areas.
  • Evaluation: Build financial concept assessments to demonstrate learning in your classroom with the Evaluation Toolkit.
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  • Smart About Money (SAM): Access NEFE’s new self-guided online financial education courses.
  • Create a simple budget using SAM’s Budget Wizard tool, and learn more about how your values influence your financial decision making with SAM’s Financial Identity and LifeValues quizzes.
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