NEFE Contributes to New Book on Financial Wellness

Book cover titled "What It's Worth"

In December 8, the Center for Enterprise Development (CFED) and the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco released a book titled What It’s Worth: Strengthening the Financial Futures of Families, Communities and the Nation, consisting of 40 essays by leading experts on economics, financial services, public policy and philanthropy from across a broad range of sectors.

NEFE President and CEO Ted Beck’s essay titled “The Upside of Aging: Maximizing Wisdom in FinancialDecision Making” highlights recent NEFE-funded research from Columbia University and the University of Alabama at Birmingham on how normal aging affects financial decision making, early warning signs of financial decline, and “[email protected]: Five Financial Steps to Take in Your 50s.”

What It’s Worth includes innovative approaches to improving financial wellness already underway across the nation, such as Children’s Savings Accounts (CSAs), financial coaching programs aimed at low-income workers and students, and creative workplace strategies to engage employees.

The full book is available for download at

See the Jan/Feb 2016 E-Digest or download the full NEFE Digest PDF.


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