New Workshops Encourage Retirement Paycheck Preparation

My Retirement Paycheck wheel of decision areas

Serving Americans with modest or no retirement savings, Financial Workshop Kits ( launched eight new workshops, the Retirement Series, in July.

“Most people do not have $1 million dollar nest eggs,” says Brent Neiser, CFP®, senior director of strategic programs and alliances at NEFE, “but they can construct a livable retirement paycheck from their own resources with guidance from these new workshops.”

Based on NEFE’s consumer website , these workshops explore eight decision areas that work together to produce or reduce an individual’s retirement income: Debt, Fraud, Home and Mortgage, Insurance, Retirement Plans, Savings and Investments, Social Security, and Work.

“Financial educators can run these workshops straight out of the box, or choose and adapt any of the slides, scripts and worksheets to suit their learners,” says Neiser. “And because there is no one ‘right way’ to build a stream of retirement income, we can encourage people to personalize what they learn so it works best for them.”

Familiarize yourself with the new Retirement Series workshops at

See the full September-October 2016 Digest or download the PDF.


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