CashCourse Financial Educator of the Year: Kristin Bhaumik

Kristin BhaumikThe CashCourse Financial Educator of the Year award honors an educator going above and beyond to promote financial literacy on college and community college campuses. The inaugural award in 2016 goes to Kristin Bhaumik, assistant director for special programs at the University of Michigan–Ann Arbor.

Bhaumik leads the charge on financial literacy initiatives at Michigan. She developed a for-credit financial literacy course called “The Financially Savvy Student” that incorporates expert resources from the campus, local community, NEFE and CashCourse. A second section of the course was added due to its popularity with students. Bhaumik also developed and hosts an interactive event called the “College Wallet Workshop” that teaches entering students about college costs, financial aid and budgeting basics. Bhaumik frequently is invited to present this very popular workshop across campus. The University of Michigan’s default rate is the lowest of the state’s public universities at 1.6 percent.

Senior Associate Director of Financial Aid Margaret Rodriguez credits much of this to Bhaumik’s efforts to rework the delivery of financial aid packages. Under Bhaumik’s direction, students taking out unsubsidized loans are counseled in person to discuss federal loan borrowing. Under this initiative, unsubsidized loan borrowing dropped from $28 million to $15 million in its first year.

A leader beyond her own campus, Bhaumik currently serves as the Michigan Student Financial Aid Association president and on the executive board for the Midwest Association of Financial Aid Administrators.

On top of these impressive efforts, Bhaumik also offers open office hours to students who want to meet to discuss personal finance. The CashCourse team is thrilled to honor Bhaumik as the inaugural CashCourse Financial Educator of the Year. In addition to highlighting her work, CashCourse will sponsor her attendance at the 2016 National Summit on Collegiate Financial Wellness.

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