NEFE's Financial Infidelity Study on NBC's Today Show

A Third with Combined Finances Have Cheated Financially

Date: January 27, 2011

Contact: Paul Golden 303-224-3514, [email protected]

DENVER—Have you ever hid money or a purchase from your partner? A recent NEFE-Harris Interactive poll finds 31 percent of people who combined finances with their significant other have been deceptive with their spouse or partner about money. On Tuesday, January 25, personal finance expert and NBC’s Today Show financial editor Jean Chatzky visited with host Ann Curry and psychologist Gail Saltz to talk about the recent findings on financial infidelity.

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What Do You Value

Understanding your financial values and how they differ from those of your partner is one key to success in managing money together as a couple. NEFE’s new LifeValues Quiz helps people identify their own values in four comprehensive categories: inner, social, physical and financial.

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