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Nonprofit Web Site Delivers on a Wide Variety of Topics

Date: October 18, 2007

Contact: Paul Golden 303-224-3514, [email protected]

ENGLEWOOD, COLORADO—From buying insurance to shopping for a loan, the Internet has revolutionized the way Americans look for financial information. Finding reliable information, however, is another challenge.

“Type ‘personal finance’ into a computer search engine, and literally millions of Web sites appear,” says Ted Beck, president and CEO of the Colorado-based National Endowment for Financial Education® (NEFE®). “However, many of these sites are selling a product or representing a special interest. Consumers must be very careful to research the person or organization sponsoring the site before relying on its advice.”

In an effort to provide consumers with an objective source of information about personal finance, NEFE has developed more than three dozen articles on myriad topics and posted them on its Web site. Consumers and the media both are welcome to use the articles, each of which is researched and fact-checked by NEFE experts in personal finance.

The following titles represent a small sample of the topics covered at www.nefe.org.

  • “Teens and Credit Cards—Avoiding Financial Disaster”
  • “Reverse Mortgages—When to Consider, What to Look For”
  • “Lending Money to Family Members—Is It Ever a Good Idea?”
  • “Using a Financial Advisor—10 Mistakes to Avoid”
  • “Single and Sufficient—Money-Management Tips for the Unmarried”
  • “Leasing a Car—Will You Come Out Ahead?”
  • “Considering Bankruptcy?—Know the Alternatives First”
  • “Financial Obstacles For Women—Simple Solutions”
  • “Retirement Planning Blunders—What to Avoid”
  • “Changing Careers—How to Afford It”

“Each article is written with the consumer in mind. We address the most common financial challenges faced by Americans today, and provide information that will be most useful to them at the time when they need it,” Beck explains. “The articles reflect NEFE’s commitment to freely sharing its expertise in financial planning education with all those who might benefit from it.”

In addition to the articles, there’s a lot to be found on the NEFE Web site on the topics of retirement, employment, saving and much more. Consumers also can find links to a Web site created by NEFE to help teens learn to manage their money, and a vast, new Web portal full of self-help financial information and materials, many contributed by experts throughout the financial literacy community. These sites can be visited directly by logging on to www.ntronline.org and www.smartaboutmoney.org, respectively.



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