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GREENWOOD VILLAGE, COLORADO—The National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) now provides an easily-implemented, unbiased and noncommercial financial education solution for colleges, universities and alumni associations to offer to their students. CashCourse®, an online financial education resource directed at college students and recent grads, was piloted last fall at several universities through their Web portals.

Living away from the guidance of their parents during college is often a time when many students make unwise financial decisions due to lack of financial knowledge. This deficiency can lead to financially irresponsible or uninformed behaviors, such as getting into debt, which can extend well beyond their college years. Increasing concern over this issue has lead to the joint effort between NEFE and universities to fill in the missing gaps of financial knowledge that many college students have.

CashCourse is distinctly qualified to help colleges, universities and alumni associations nationwide address this issue. Because NEFE is self-funded, the program offers unbiased content with no advertising and no connections to commercial entities. Also, the Web site was created with significant practical input from students, universities and its Academic Advisory Council. NEFE conducted focus groups with college students to determine what information they would want to see. With potential users’ concerns in mind, the Web site was designed and the content was written. Representatives from the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA) also wrote or reviewed CashCourse content on financial aid.

“Based on our research,” Amy Bleakney, project manager for CashCourse, explained, “there are no other free, unaffiliated sites as comprehensive as ours. It’s one of a kind.”

Thirteen universities already have signed up to use CashCourse. Among those are Bowling Green State University, The Ohio State University, Michigan State University Alumni Association, University of Iowa, University of Wisconsin Alumni Association and University of Illinois Alumni Association. At the University of Wisconsin Alumni Association, Paula Bonner, president and CEO of the alumni association, and her colleagues have supported CashCourse since the start.

“When we finally got to see how the Web site was coming together, people were just thrilled with it,” Bonner said. “There was no question that this would be used by our university.”

Additionally, Kate Seguin, assistant director of the Student Wellness Center at Ohio State University, observed a definite need among the students for CashCourse. “What we lack and what CashCourse brings is a comprehensive one-stop personal finance Web site for students,” Seguin stated.

NEFE has made sure that signing up and implementing the program is as easy as possible for participating institutions. Schools simply enroll with NEFE and then add a link to existing Web pages. The site also can be adapted to integrate the school’s logo, color schemes and resources. Promotional materials, including flyers, posters and short articles for e-mail or newsletter distribution, are provided and can be customized, as well.

“CashCourse offers a reliable resource to help young adults develop financial know-how,” said Ted Beck, president and CEO of NEFE. “Through attention to the needs of today’s college students, this program will help young adults gain financial savvy necessary for the real world.”

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