Private, Nonprofit Foundation Provides Valuable Resources to Empower Americans in Their Financial Decision-Making at

ENGLEWOOD, COLORADOToday, the National Endowment for Financial Education® (NEFE®) launched a broad-based national advertising and public education campaign, “Not if We Can Help It,” targeting Americans at some of the most critical moments in their lives and providing vital financial education tools to aid them in gaining control of their finances.

The “Not If We Can Help It” campaign represents the first time that a national, nonprofit organization has so aggressively addressed the rapidly-growing crisis of financial literacy we face in America, and its message of “it’s never too early, or too late, to get smart about your money” brings comfort, inspiration and practical knowledge to the millions of Americans who need help. Consumers can find informative and insightful tools to start achieving their financial goals at

The “Not If We Can Help It” advertising campaign, created by Los Angeles-based advertising agency Benenson Janson, will reach people at their “teachable moments,” financial crossroads where consumers are most likely to reach out for help in planning for their future or managing their current situation. Moments of personal transition – starting a new job, buying a home or starting to save for a child’s college education – require Americans to make difficult financial decisions, and the “Not If We Can Help It” campaign provides both important and practical information to help reduce the anxiety that surrounds these and other financial planning challenges.

The broadcast and online campaigns begin the week of September 19, and the print campaign, also launching in September 2005, will be appearing in several publications, including Time, People, Sports Illustrated and Real Simple. In addition, public service announcements (PSAs) are currently being distributed to television and radio stations nationwide. The ads can be viewed at

 “Never before has it been so important to reach out to Americans and share with them the tools needed to achieve financial well-being,” said William L. Anthes, Ph.D., NEFE president and CEO. “The ‘Not If We Can Help It’ campaign perfectly conveys the message of hope that NEFE brings to consumers struggling to understand their own finances. In these volatile financial times, our mission, as it long has been, is to help Americans acquire the necessary skills to control their own financial destiny.”

NEFE is the only private, nonprofit foundation wholly dedicated to educating Americans about personal finance and empowering them to make positive and sound decisions in order to reach their financial goals. The “Not If We Can Help It” campaign is part of a series of NEFE programs, both independent and in partnership with other organizations, that offer financial education to members of the public. NEFE is completely non-partisan, unbiased and focused on consumer education, providing a crucial voice against the rapid rise in unchecked consumer spending and debt accumulation.



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