Annette Fowler

Annette Fowler headshotAnnette Fowler is the Managing Director of eLearning Technology for the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE®) in Denver, Colorado.  She manages, organizes and advises website and technology project teams in delivering online educational and marketing programs via nine websites and multiple online tools and through numerous initiatives. 

She is responsible for supporting several concurrent projects using the Agile software development method, including multiple organizational departments and programs. In performing this role, she uses her high level of knowledge and experience in website and mobile development and project management to lead complex web projects, focusing specifically on the digital initiatives and web-based educational and marketing programs of the organization. 

She supervises one employee (web project manager) and manages NEFE’s relationships with web development companies, independent contractors and LLCs who work with NEFE on projects.

Annette has more than 25 of experience in information technology, business analysis and project management, including extensive experience in the management of many redesign projects for higher education and small business ecommerce websites.  In the 1990s, she was an early implementer of business applications on the internet, using bulletin board systems and publicly available databases to retrieve court cases and background checks for legal and corporate clients.  She graduated from the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts.

In her free time, Annette enjoys spending time with her husband and two grown children.  She likes to hike, travel, sew, watch movies and is a black belt in taekwondo. She is a board member for Tech4Good Denver, where she shares her love of technology with others in the Denver nonprofit community through free educational forums.

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