NEFE Teach New Teachers Salon

On July 16, 2009, on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus, NEFE convened a Salon of teacher education students, in-service teachers, education faculty, and other financial education stakeholders to discuss the findings of the completed research project, as well as discuss the implications for practice, policy, and future research.  The Research discusses the capability of new teachers to manage their own finances and and addresses their preparedness to teach financial literacy. This project was conducted by Wendy Way, Ph.D. and Karen Holden, Ph.D.

Below, you will find links to several outputs from this project and our Salon: the project final report; a presentation of highlights from the literature review; graphic recordings of the Salon proceedings; and a webinar which highlights the survey findings. 

Lastly, please know that we value your opinion.  If you have any comments or suggestions on how and where this information should be displayed, please feel free to send your remarks to Greta Holtz at [email protected].

Salon outputs

  • Webinar presentation of highlights of the project survey findings
  • Literature review presentation.
  • Graphic recording of Thursday evening's presentation of literature review findings.
  • Graphic recording of Friday morning's group discussion about translating findings into policy, practice and research.