What NEFE Research Funding Reviewers Look For

We consider Letters of Inquiry based on how well they support NEFE’s organizational and philanthropic goals, and on their potential to achieve successful outcomes that lead to action. These are many of the key questions that guide our assessment of a project’s merits and potential for success.

What is the likelihood that the project will:

  • Increase public interest in responsible management of personal finances?
  • Support NEFE’s mission to help all Americans acquire the information and gain the skills necessary to take control of their finances?
  • Produce results that can be actuated by NEFE’s core program areas or the broader financial literacy community?
  • Expand the body of knowledge in the field of financial education?
  • Fill an unmet financial literacy need?
  • Present long-term, replicable, and sustainable solutions to financial literacy problems?
  • Deal effectively with root causes of financial illiteracy, including harmful financial behaviors?
  • Provide a unique or creative solution that can be applied to enhance the financial well-being of the public?
  • Adapt discoveries and proven methodologies from other fields toward improving and expanding the reach and improving results of financial education programs?
  • Generate public expectations for change in government and/or private sector delivery of financial information and/or services?
  • Inspire a cultural shift in how society values and manages personal financial resources?
  • Engage entities with access to and influence on the general public or a target population?
  • Generate interest of consumer, scholarly, trade, and/or professional media?
  • Associate NEFE with programs of benefit to the public or those who can affect the financial literacy and behavior of the public?
  • Create opportunities for enhancing current or bringing new relationships into the financial literacy community?
  • Generate measurable quantitative and qualitative outcomes?
  • Be conducted in a manner in which performance and methodology can be monitored?
  • Be conducted by an individual or team whose experience, expertise, and credentials demonstrate successful project implementation, completion, and outcomes?

Note: Not all projects will be a match for all assessment questions.