NEFE Partners with Harris Interactive for Online Polling

NEFE partners with New York-based research firm Harris Interactive to conduct its online polling. Through Harris’ QuickQuerySM omnibus product, NEFE utilizes the surveys to gauge the opinions of the general U.S. population on issues related to budgeting, spending and managing money.

November 2011

In a season that means "black" for many retailers, one red flag has risen among consumers. This recent survey from NEFE finds 63 percent of Americans will not set or have a budget for their holiday shopping. And the challenges of the current economic climate has nearly half (49 percent) of people much/somewhat more concerned about being able to afford holiday expenses this season, compared to their level of confidence five years ago before the recession and economic downturn. 

June 2011

For some, the American Dream can be found in the comforts of a modest home surrounded by a white-picket fence. But this survey from NEFE finds that almost half of American adults say the financial goal that is most important to them is having enough money for retirement. In fact, 47 percent say having enough money for retirement is their top financial priority, compared to just 17 percent who feel homeownership is their top financial goal.

May 2011

‘Tis the season…wedding season that is! June is the ideal month for couples to tie the knot. But before saying “I Do,” there are some important things that couples need to know about how to marry their money with their honey’s money. This recent survey commissioned by NEFE finds that 86 percent of respondents say they will talk about money and their financial situations prior to their wedding. But do they know how to start the conversation with their partner?

May 2011

Everyone agrees that economic times are tough. But in what seems to be a disturbing trend, parents are continuing financial support of their children well into adulthood. In this recent poll, NEFE learned that 59 percent of parents are providing, or have in the past provided, financial support to their adult children when they are no longer in school. How are parents helping their kids? Find out here. 

February 2011

Tax time doesn’t have to be a taxing time. According to the Internal Revenue Service, 77 percent of taxpayers received refunds last year and the average refund topped out at nearly $3,000. But what do Americans plan to do with that money? From saving to paying down debt, people plan on using their refunds in a variety of ways. And what issues do people most worry about when it comes to filing taxes? NEFE finds out in this latest survey. 

December 2010

Have you ever made a decision about money that you kept from your partner or spouse? A new poll finds that 31 percent of people who combined finances with their significant other have been deceptive with their spouse or partner about money. What are the trust issues within couples who are combining or have combined their finances and what types of financial deceptions are being committed? Find out here. 

November 2010

The holidays are known as the season of giving. But all too often, consumers tend to give in to overspending. NEFE and Harris Interactive wanted to find out how people are managing their holiday shopping, specifically on Black Friday. Surprisingly, most are hitting the stores without a budget in hand. 

August 2010

Have you made an impulse purchase recently on something that you now regret? Of course you have, we all do it. In this latest round of online polling, NEFE and Harris Interactive asked what triggers people to make these types of purchases, what they’re buying, and how much they’re spending. 

August 2010

It’s that time of year when children worry about going back to school and parents worry how much they will spend on education-related expenses. NEFE wants to know how much money parents with kids in grades K-12 plan to spend this fall on back-to-school expenses and what items will cost them the most. 

July 2010

Recovery from the recession is a slow process, and many Americans remain concerned about the quality of their financial lives. In this round of online polling, NEFE wanted to know what people feel is their largest financial concern, and if they are using a budget to plan for their expenses. Do you think parents are going to co-sign for their children to have their own credit card under the restrictions of the new credit card legislation? Find out. 

May 2010

Spring is in the air. With the change of seasons there are many events that call for celebration. Consider the money tied into graduations and weddings. NEFE wants to know just how much people will spend to attend weddings and what new high-school graduates plan to do with the money they get from their recent academic achievements. 

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