Chris Shannon

Chris Shannon

Vice President, External Affairs

Phone: 303-224-3538

Email: [email protected]

Chris Shannon serves as vice president, external affairs, overseeing communications, marketing and strategic partnerships for the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE). Shannon’s work with NEFE started long before she was formally brought on staff, helping hundreds of educators, nonprofit staff and private sector volunteers effectively leverage NEFE’s materials to benefit young adults in Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island and Virginia. In addition, Shannon helped design financial education train-the-trainer models in California, Colorado, Massachusetts and Vermont.

Shannon started her career working in Delaware, Virginia and Massachusetts as an educator, and by the time she left the field, she had taught in urban, vocational, comprehensive, gifted and talented, community college and university settings. Once she settled in Massachusetts, she turned her attention to more targeted impact on lower-income communities through workforce development programming. Shannon was brought in to oversee regional youth workforce programming at One-Stop Career Center starting a career in a new sector that led to 12 years of overseeing regional youth workforce programming for two workforce boards and one community college. During that time, she served on Governor Deval Patrick’s Youth Task Force for three years.

Prior to joining NEFE, Shannon served as deputy director for the Regional and Community Development department of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, where she oversaw strategies that supported the department’s goals to advance policies and innovations that promote economic growth and improve employment opportunities in lower-income communities of New England. While there, she used her workforce development experience to help define and lead Investing in America’s Workforce, a system-wide initiative to formulate the department’s strategy to expand employment opportunities—including efforts to increase the quality of low-wage jobs—and to redesign an in-house high school internship program to align with department strategy and reflect the most recent evidence-based practices. Shannon also served on an internal working group to develop strategies to grow a more diverse leadership pipeline into the financial and technology sectors and advanced a more inclusive work environment.

Shannon’s leadership has been recognized on state and national levels, having served on multiple initiatives across the U.S. She is a contributing editor for the Investing in America’s Workforce chapter, “Strategies to Advance Job Quality,” the 2003 Merrimack Valley Workforce Investment Board’s Regional Blueprint, among other publications, and has contributed content for online blogs and publications including What Color is Your Parachute? for Teens.

Shannon has a Master of Fine Arts in directing from Virginia Commonwealth University and two undergraduate degrees from the University of Delaware in secondary education: English and theatre.

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