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NEFE Celebrates 30 Years

NEFE now has more than 30 years of experience driving the financial education and financial well-being fields to new and innovative heights. Learn more about the work we have done, are doing and will push for in the future.

NEFE Research

Supporting research in the field of financial well-being.

NEFE promotes a better understanding of personal finance by identifying and investigating the financial issues affecting people's lives. We advance effective financial education through research studies, symposia, think tanks and round table discussions.

NEFE funds rigorous, innovative and actionable research that seeks to improve the public's financial well-being and has the potential to make a profound contribution to our field.

Our research values drive this work.

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New Advocacy Resource: Infographics on Financial Education’s Effectiveness

We have created three infographics detailing the findings of a joint meta-analysis with the FINRA Foundation to assist those advocating for effective financial education.

New Opinion Poll Explores Emotions Tied to Financial Well-Being

Through our first opinion poll of 2023, we explore the intersection between external markers of financial well-being and personal opinions of financial well-being.

In Context: Nonparticipation and Financial Trauma

By The NEFE Institute Team

Chloe McKenzie's research on nonparticipation and financial trauma interrogates and tests assumptions that are central to the financial well-being field.

Part One: The Myth of the Financial Personality Defect

By Chloe McKenzie, Founder, BlackFem, Inc.

The chroniclers and researchers of our financial positions and circumstances have left little space for financial trauma’s role in the evolution of the widening wealth gap.

Part Two: Limited and Nonparticipation by Design

By Chloe McKenzie, Founder, BlackFem, Inc.

When evaluating what financial trauma does to us, we must understand that limited or nonparticipation in the economy shows up in two distinct ways.

Part Three: Limited and Nonparticipation as a Trauma Response

By Chloe McKenzie, Founder, BlackFem, Inc.

The wealth gap exists for a number of reasons, one of which is because of pervasive financial trauma.

NEFE Welcomes New Board Trustees

NEFE welcomes three new professional team members to its 17-member board for 2023, Christine D. Lovely, The Honorable Loretta Sanchez, and Bob Lewis. The NEFE Board named Richard Ketchum 2023 chair, Jason Young vice chair, Colleen Walker chair emeritus.

National Endowment for Financial Education Announces Strategic Partnership Pilot Program

We recently committed $2 million for strategic partnerships with the Appalachian College Association and the Colorado Community College System.

NEFE Names First Innovation Award & Impact Award Recipients

We named the first Innovation and Impact Award recipients at the inaugural Financial Education Innovation and Impact Summit.