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NEFE Celebrates 30 Years

NEFE now has more than 30 years of experience driving the financial education and financial well-being fields to new and innovative heights. Learn more about the work we have done, are doing and will push for in the future.

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Supporting research in the field of financial well-being.

NEFE promotes a better understanding of personal finance by identifying and investigating the financial issues affecting people's lives. We advance effective financial education through research studies, symposia, think tanks and round table discussions.

NEFE funds rigorous, innovative and actionable research that seeks to improve the public's financial well-being and has the potential to make a profound contribution to our field.

Our research values drive this work.

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Poll: One-third of Native Community Members Encountered Bias, Exclusion From the Financial Services Sector

Unlock financial insights: NEFE's poll finds that one-third of Native community members face bias and exclusion in the financial services sector, double the rate of the general adult population.

Community Reinvestment Act Reforms: A Powerful Tool Against Racial Discrimination in Finance

By NEFE Staff

Explore how recent reforms to the CRA tackle racial discrimination in finance, promoting inclusivity and better address today’s challenges.

The Origin Story: Manifest Destiny’s Creation of Economic Deserts and the Devastation of Subsistence Economy

By Stephanie Cote

Uncover the untold story of Native Communities economies – Manifest Destiny's legacy revealed. Join us on a journey through history, land and finance with Indigenous economies.

Higher Education Institutions In Oregon, Alabama Receive Grant Funding For Financial Education Research

Unlocking Financial Wisdom: NEFE Awards Grants to Lewis and Clark College, University of Alabama for Innovative Research in Financial Education.

The Road to FinCon: Highlighting the Work of Women

By Beth Bean, Ph.D. Senior Vice President, Research and Impact and Chelsea Norton, Managing Director, Marketing and Engagement

Join us on a journey of empowerment and financial well-being with the incredible women of FinCon's Women in Money events!

Stand-alone and Flexible: A 2023 Legislative Review of K-12 Financial Education Requirements

By Emma Donahue, Policy and Advocacy Manager

Discover the latest in K-12 financial education legislation for 2023 – from standalone courses to teacher requirements, stay ahead with our legislative review

Opinion Poll Data Shows U.S. Adults with Student Loans Worried About the Repayment Pause Ending

As the student loan repayment pause nears its end, 83% of borrowers are bracing for financial turbulence. New poll data now!

Reflections From My New Space: Thoughts for Where We Are and What We Can Do

By Michelle Samuels-Jones, Ed.D., Senior Director, Equity, National Endowment for Financial Education

Join Michelle Samuels-Jones in her transformative role as NEFE's Senior Director for Equity, empowering underrepresented communities through financial education.

The Transformative Theory of Financial Trauma: More Questions than Answers

By Chloe McKenzie, Founder, BlackFem, Inc.

Dive into the transformative theory of financial trauma, redefining research methodologies, amplifying marginalized voices, and pursuing wealth justice.