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NEFE Observes Financial Capability Month

April is recognized as National Financial Capability Month. NEFE has celebrated Financial Capability Month for over 25 years. It gained traction in 2004 as Financial Literacy Month, which evolved from Youth Financial Literacy Day, introduced by us. The name transitioned to Financial Capability Month in 2021 to emphasize the importance of opportunity when using financial knowledge. This celebratory month highlights the value of high-quality financial education in improving Americans' financial capability.

NEFE Research

Supporting research in the field of financial well-being.

NEFE promotes a better understanding of personal finance by identifying and investigating the financial issues affecting people's lives. We advance effective financial education through research studies, symposia, think tanks and round table discussions.

NEFE funds rigorous, innovative and actionable research that seeks to improve the public's financial well-being and has the potential to make a profound contribution to our field.

Our research values drive this work.

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Rations and Commodities: Mass Genocide through Generational Limited and Processed Food Access

By Stephanie Cote

Delve into the hidden history of food access among Native American communities. From ancestral lands to government rations, discover the journey towards cultural reclamation and health equity. Read more

New Opinion Poll of U.S. Adults Contrast Current and Future Concerns Regarding Financial Well-Being

Dive into the latest NEFE poll to uncover the financial sentiments of U.S. adults—optimism tempered with concerns about the future. Discover more now!

Financial Education Research Projects Exploring Underserved Communities Receive Funding

Dive into NEFE's groundbreaking research, addressing college food insecurity and wealth gaps. Join the discussion at the upcoming Financial Education and Innovation Summit.

Poll Analysis: Native Community Members Who Experience Bias Report Lower Quality of Financial Life

By NEFE Staff

Explore how bias affects Indigenous financial well-being. Insights reveal barriers hindering flourishing & importance of inclusion.

NEFE Appoints New Members to Board of Trustees

NEFE welcomes Nancy Kim-Yun and Beth Lesen to its 16-member Board of Trustees. Meet the new faces driving change and innovation.

RTDNA, NEFE Partner on Personal Finance Reporting Resource

Uncover the power of Finance 411: RTDNA & NEFE's dynamic partnership, helping delivering impactful personal finance reporting.

Boarding Schools and Western Education-Related Trauma

By Stephanie Cote

Learn about the profound legacy of Native American boarding schools, unraveling the trauma and triumphs. Discover the path to healing and success in indigenous education.

In Context: Historic Injustice and Financial Education in Indigenous Communities

Delve into the profound examination of historic injustices and financial education within Indigenous communities. NEFE, led by Stephanie Cote, unravels critical narratives, challenging conventional approaches. Join us in reshaping effective financial education with cultural sensitivity.

Trends in Innovation and Impact

NEFE's 2022 Summit introduced key principles—Access, Quality, and Impact. As we gear up for this year's Financial Education Innovation & Impact Summit, see an outline for our field for the next several years.