Our team is motivated about making a difference and passionate about supporting people in their journey toward financial well-being. While our staff size is modest, we are a mighty group of talented individuals striving to deliver impactful financial education to all Americans. We value diversity and are looking for hard working, dedicated and enthusiastic teammates.

Working for NEFE isn’t a job—it’s an experience.

We’re currently hiring for the following positions at our Denver, Colorado-based offices.

Available Positions

NEFE's Fellows Program awards fellowships to current graduate students who have shown interest in working within the nonprofit sector. 

NEFE's Fellows Program awards fellowships to current graduate students who have shown interest in working within the nonprofit sector. NEFE awards fellowships to individual students through their academic institution, or in rare occasions, will hire the student directly for the duration of their assigned project. The purpose of NEFE's Fellows Program is to allow recipients to infuse their experiences, skills, and innovative ideas into existing NEFE projects and programs.

Each fellowship opportunity is unique in scope, duration, and focus, however all assignments culminate with the presentation of the students' work during their fellowship.

How Fellows are Chosen

Each year, NEFE identifies up to four areas within the organization that would benefit from the work of a fellow. Past assignments have been in the areas of government affairs, social services, journalism, and project scaling. Once these projects are identified, NEFE reaches out to graduate schools within the United States to help identify qualified, exemplar students. Once these candidates are identified, they are asked to submit a cover letter, résumé, and references. This is then followed by a thorough interview process, which concludes in candidate selection.


In order to be considered for a fellowship opportunity, candidates must be:

  • In good standing with their academic institution; and
  • A currently registered Masters degree seeking student.

The Fellows Program does not accept unsolicited applications.

NEFE seeks a partnership with an IT services provider with the goals of modernizing its IT operations and increasing support levels to ensure a highly available, reliable, and usable information systems environment for all staff.

To formally participate in the process, participants should download and follow the instructions in the "Request For Information" and return a response to [email protected]. Responses are due by Friday, May 10 at 5pm MT.