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Periodically, NEFE convenes invitation-only forums of experts to discuss current research and explore topics relevant to the advancement of financial capability in the U.S. NEFE provides the framework for discussion as a service to the field—without predetermined agendas or outcomes—allowing the experts to freely examine relevant themes, identify gaps in research and practice, and make recommendations. Browse past events and read discussion summaries below.

2020 Financial Literacy Measurement Forum

In September 2020, NEFE virtually hosted the 2020 Financial Literacy Measurement Forum. Scholars from across the field of financial well-being research convened to share expertise and insight through a facilitated discussion about opportunities and barriers related to measurement. These discussions inform a research agenda that contributes to broader conversations about appropriate scale, measurement development, validity and limitations.

2020 Funders Forum

In June 2020, NEFE virtually hosted a Financial Well-Being Funders Forum for organizations that fund financial well-being and education research. Forum highlights included a presentation of NEFE’s Personal Finance Ecosystem and lively discussion of the impact COVID-19 is having on both financial well-being and on organizational funding priorities for the near future.

2018 Higher Education Financial Capability Forum

In December 2018, NEFE hosted the Higher Education Financial Capability Forum in Denver, CO. The forum included presentations of two NEFE-funded research studies, as well as a facilitated discussion of the research’s findings and implications, successes and barriers in postsecondary financial education; needs for future research; and broader themes in financial capability for young Americans.

2017 Financial Education Funders Forum

In September 2017, NEFE hosted a Financial Education Funders Forum in Washington, DC. The forum brought together financial education and financial capability research funders to focus on research priorities for the next several years.

2017 Young Adults and Financial Literacy Forum

In September 2017, NEFE hosted the Young Adults and Financial Literacy Forum in Washington, DC to discuss findings from three NEFE-funded studies that focus on young adult financial literacy.

2016 Financial Education Funders Forum

In September 2016, NEFE hosted a Financial Education Funders Forum in Washington, DC. The event provided a venue for select organizations that internally and/or externally fund financial education and capability research to share research priorities over the next five years.

2015 Financial Education Evaluation Forum

In September 2015, NEFE hosted an Evaluation Forum to discuss how to improve evaluation in financial education.

2014 Young Adults and Financial Capability Forum

In September 2014, NEFE hosted the Young Adults and Financial Capability Forum. The event focused on the findings and implications of three NEFE-funded research projects that focus on young adults.

2013 Education Forum

In September 2013, NEFE hosted an Education Forum, focusing on the findings of Dr. John G. Lynch's NEFE-funded research project, “A Meta-Analytic and Psychometric Investigation of the Effect of Financial Literacy on Downstream Financial Behaviors.”

2013 Pre-Service Teacher Training Forum

This small event focused on the needs, obstacles, and opportunities for integrating personal finance content into the education major at universities, including the steps necessary to include and/or pilot financial education into pre-service teacher preparation—especially in states that are adding the content to school-based standards in subject areas that have not traditionally taught personal finance (e.g. social studies and mathematics).

2012 Diminished Capacity and Financial Decision Making Forum

The goal of the forum was to assess immediate needs and define a set of questions and concepts that will clarify areas for additional research and exploration.

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