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2017 Young Adults and Financial Literacy Forum

NEFE hosted the Young Adults and Financial Literacy Forum on September 26-27, 2017 in Washington, DC to discuss findings from three NEFE-funded studies that focus on young adult financial literacy. The formal discussion was preceded by three presentations:

  • Diverging Paths: Youth Debt, College, and Family Background, presented by Rachel Dwyer, Ph.D., The Ohio State University
  • Adult Fiscal Competency: An Analysis of Financial Behavior During the Transition to Adulthood, presented by Joyce Serido, Ph.D., University of Minnesota
  • Financial Capability Among Young Adults, presented by Annamaria Lusardi, Ph.D., George Washington University/GFLEC

Once each research team presented their findings, Billy Hensley facilitated a discussion about implications of the research. Thirty-two attendees comprised of researchers, practitioners and government representatives participated in the event.

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