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NEFE Invests in Underserved Communities

NEFE is making a greater commitment to address structural and systemic racism and inequality by investing in several organizations that support underrepresented populations.

NEFE, AFCPE Partner to Support Diverse Communities

NEFE is launching an initiative through a partnership with the AFCPE to fully sponsor the training and credentialing of 100 new Accredited Financial Counselors® (AFC®), all of which will be people of color.

Racism, Bias and Economic Inequality Impair the Financial Well-Being of Millions

NEFE provides unrestricted operational grants to organizations focused on equity.

Listening, Reflection Is Key to Our Nation’s Healing

NEFE has always valued equity and inclusion, but is making a greater commitment to evolve by investing in communities of color and underserved populations.

The 2020 Excellence in Personal Finance Reporting Awards is Now Open

The Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA) and NEFE are now accepting entries for the 2020 Excellence in Personal Finance Reporting Awards.

With This Crisis Does Financial Literacy Even Matter?

Financial literacy matters more than ever, especially as the country moves forward in recovery.

NEFE's Commitment and Short-term Changes in Light of the COVID-19 Pandemic

The National Endowment for Financial Education first and foremost prioritizes people and do not take this current situation lightly. In this global effort, we want to update you on our response and our actions as we continue to closely monitor COVID-19.

NEFE Partners with Knology on U.S. Financial Education Spending Database

The National Endowment for Financial Education and Knology announce a collaboration to create a database of historical spending on financial education across all 50 states.

NEFE Welcomes New Board Members

NEFE announces two new members have joined its Board of Trustees who can provide diverse and unique insights and perspectives.

NEFE Research

Supporting research in the field of financial well-being.

NEFE encourages better understanding of personal finance by identifying and promoting in-depth exploration of financial issues of concern to the public. We do this through research studies, conferences, symposia, think tanks and round table discussions.

NEFE funds rigorous, innovative and actionable research that increases the financial education community’s body of knowledge; provides insight into financial behavior; and contributes to the field’s understanding of effective educational practices.

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How can we help our nation heal?

NEFE has always valued equity and inclusion, but is making a greater commitment to evolve by investing in communities of color and underserved populations.

Educational Resources

NEFE offers a variety of self-help websites and resources that are noncommercial and frequently updated to ensure that we provide credible and reliable information.

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A customizable online tool for nonprofit universities and colleges, CashCourse® offers a wealth of financial education resources for you and your students.

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High School Financial Planning Program

High School Financial Planning Program

Our flagship program helps teachers reaching students in grades 8-12 present fundamental personal finance skills to teens to prepare them for financial independence. It can be taught in a variety of settings including classroom, after-school programs and workshops.

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Smart About Money

Smart About Money

Consumers from all walks of life can use this website to find self-directed courses, informative articles, calculators, quizzes, worksheets, money-saving tips, discussion forums and other valuable resources to answer commonly asked questions and address various economic situations.

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Evaluation Toolkit

Evaluation Toolkit

This online evaluation toolkit helps you understand and evaluate concepts and efficiently apply them to your educational programs so you can document the impact programs have on learners.

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