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April is recognized as National Financial Capability Month. NEFE has celebrated Financial Capability Month for over 25 years. It gained traction in 2004 as Financial Literacy Month, which evolved from Youth Financial Literacy Day, introduced by us. The name transitioned to Financial Capability Month in 2021 to emphasize the importance of opportunity when using financial knowledge. This celebratory month highlights the value of high-quality financial education in improving Americans' financial capability.

NEFE Celebrates 30 Years

NEFE now has more than 30 years of experience driving the financial education and financial well-being fields to new and innovative heights. Learn more about the work we have done, are doing and will push for in the future.

NEFE Research

Supporting research in the field of financial well-being.

NEFE promotes a better understanding of personal finance by identifying and investigating the financial issues affecting people's lives. We advance effective financial education through research studies, symposia, think tanks and round table discussions.

NEFE funds rigorous, innovative and actionable research that seeks to improve the public's financial well-being and has the potential to make a profound contribution to our field.

Our research values drive this work.

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New Poll Examines Consumer Trust in Financial Institutions Following Recent Bank Failures

This opinion poll captured exclusive, moment-in-time data on consumer trust in financial institutions and how those sentiments changed following a major, well-publicized crisis in the industry.

How Can Other Fields Help Improve the Impact of Financial Education?

Different states have different requirements for financial education. Some are based on needs in the community, while others are based on what the legislature is willing to pass.

Financial Education Innovation & Impact Summit Recap: Our Exploration of Impact

By Amy Marty Conrad, Managing Director - Insights, NEFE

A frequent debate, both within and outside the financial well-being sector, is whether financial education “works.” Though, this is generally understood to mean whether financial education can make a measurable difference for those it is delivered to.

Financial Well-being in the Workplace: An Opportunity for Quality

Organizations seeking to attract and retain top talent are turning to workplace wellness initiatives as a way to differentiate themselves.

Introducing Stephanie Cote – NEFE’s 2023 Visiting Scholar

Discover how NEFE's 2023 visiting scholar, Stephanie Cote, will explore financial education for Indigenous populations in a seven-part series.

Financial Education Innovation & Impact Summit Recap:  Our Exploration of Quality

By Dr. Beth Bean, Senior Vice President, Research and Impact

Read our exploration of what constitutes quality financial education and how it can be made more equitable and inclusive. Learn about culturally responsive education, effective legislation, and reducing complexity in this recap of our Financial Education Innovation & Impact Summit.

Physical Health Meets Financial Health: Strategies for Improving Access to Financial Education

By The NEFE Institute

School-based curriculum has been a successful entry point for widely introducing important financial education concepts, but access to this curriculum has not been available to many important demographics.

Financial Education Innovation & Impact Summit Recap:  Our Exploration of Access

By Raven Newberry, Managing Director, Policy and Advocacy

With less than half of states offering financial education in their public schools, millions of Americans do not have guaranteed access to this essential information.

New Advocacy Resource: Infographics on Financial Education’s Effectiveness

We have created three infographics detailing the findings of a joint meta-analysis with the FINRA Foundation to assist those advocating for effective financial education.