2011 Certification Forum

In April 2011, NEFE invited thought leaders from academia, government and education fields to discuss the idea of Certification in Financial Education programs.

Conversations about certification within the financial education community are becoming more prevalent. This is in response to several factors relating to topics from the current financial state of many Americans to the ever increasing number of organizations offering financial literacy resources. Also, in consideration of the recent legislation creating the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the notion of certification—in regards to programs, tools, and individuals—is gaining even more attention. Since this idea is at the forefront of financial education, it is important to begin to frame a comprehensive deliberation on the matter. So, in order to fully develop our thinking about the topic of certification within the financial education realm, the National Endowment for Financial Education ® (NEFE®) hosted a forum that more fully examined the benefits, drawbacks, and potential outcomes of certification in financial education. 

This Forum is a result of the NEFE Quarter Century Project  and working in a complementary role of the work being done on evaluation that is coordinated by the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank, the Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank, and the University of Arizona’s Take Charge America Institute. Our conversations about certification relied heavily on the evaluation work that is currently ongoing.

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