NEFE Grant Project Studies Teachers Preparedness To Teach Personal Finance

In 2006, NEFE administered a grant to University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers Wendy L. Way, Ph.D., and Karen Holden, Ph.D., who surveyed more than 1,200 K-12 teachers, students currently enrolled in teacher education programs, and university teacher education faculty to better understand their training and education in personal finance, their opinions about the importance of financial education, and their capacity to teach these topics.

In July 2009, NEFE hosted a salon to discuss the consequences of Way and Holden’s research and generate suggestions for change.

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Executive Summary

Final Report

Press Release


In November 2009, NEFE’s efforts received recognition from the Association for Financial Planning and Counseling Education (AFCPE®). 

Press Release

2009 Outstanding AFCPE® Conference Paper