Young Adult Focus Group Videos

In mid-September 2008, 29 young adults in Cleveland and Washington, D.C. participated in focus groups conducted on NEFE’s behalf by Cynthia Cox Roman at WIT CONSULTING, LLC. Each focus group represented a young adult profile to be discussed during symposium breakout sessions, including: trained/skilled worker, college graduate living on her own, single parent, cohabitating couple, and married with children.   A stream of issues were common among all profile groups—burdensome debt, concern about not saving enough for emergencies or retirement, eroding safety nets from government and employers, a feeling that money matters were too difficult and time-consuming to understand, not knowing who to trust for financial information, and a desire for simple, personalized money management guidance.  

Click here for a top line narrative overview of focus group highlights prepared by the focus group consultant.

To view the complete focus group videos (each is approximately 90 minutes), please click below to select a profile.

Click on the titles below to view the shorter videos, presented during the Symposium, that covered the common themes in the focus groups.