A customizable online tool for nonprofit universities and colleges, CashCourse® offers a wealth of financial education resources for schools and their students. Through worksheets, calculators, quizzes and articles, CashCourse provides students the resources to build the financial skills they need to get through the college and prepare for their future financial lives.

 The website contains:

  • Information that is easy to understand and continually updated  
  • Helpful content such as articles, videos, and a financial dictionary
  • An e-learning center with quizzes, worksheets, calculators, and a Budget Wizard

 Topics addressed on CashCourse include:

  • Budgeting and using credit and debit cards
  • Understanding financial aid and repaying student loans
  • Renting an apartment and studying abroad
  • Understanding employee benefits and filing taxes

 Additional features include:

  • A coursework feature that helps track what students learn
  • Workshop kits on key financial topics
  • Marketing materials for sharing the program on campus

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