NEFE High School Financial Planning Program

Financial education today. Success tomorrow.

NEFE’s flagship program has promoted financial literacy to teachers and students for more than 25 years by providing an award-winning, evaluated, noncommercial financial education curriculum—complete with free classroom materials and lesson plans.

HSFPP 2007 Curriculum Evaluation

  • NEFE contracted Sharon M. Danes, Ph.D., professor and family economist in the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Minnesota, to lead research that would evaluate the use of the HSFPP across the United States during the 2009/2010 school year.  Read More For Further Information
  • Relevant lessons for Grades 8—12, with hands-on learning
  • Six individual student workbooks that can be downloaded or mailed directly to you

  • Performance-based learning with interactive activities and turnkey instructor resources

  • Curriculum designed to fill standard 45-minute classes

  • Online resources, including access to student workbooks, instructor materials and presentations, evaluation templates and an always-growing collection of resources and lesson plans

If you’re new to the program or need a refresher, take advantage of no-cost training opportunities available in-person or through webinars.

To learn more, order materials, or have questions specific to the program, please visit us at