Letter of Inquiry

Each applicant will be asked to submit a Letter of Inquiry to start the application process using our new online system. The Letter of Inquiry form includes the following character-limited fields:

  • Project title
  • Brief project summary
  • Amount requested
  • Duration of project in months
  • Explanation of funds requested
  • Project description
  • Contribution to the field (Explain why you believe this project will make a unique and profound contribution to the field of financial literacy and what that contribution would be. In addition, explain what measures you have taken to assure that this project idea is original.)
  • Target audiences (Describe primary audience(s) who will directly utilize or benefit from the project outcomes and how the project outcomes might be broadly disseminated to the primary audience.)
  • Evaluation of outcomes (Taking into consideration NEFE’s funding priorities, explain how the impact of the project outcomes might be evaluated both quantitatively and qualitatively.)
  • Additional information
  • Principle contact credentials
Once you create an account and begin filling out the form, please keep in mind that you can save your Letter of Inquiry in draft form and return to it at any time before the submission deadline to submit it.