2021 Financial Education Policy Convenings

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In January and February of 2021, NEFE partnered with the Council for Economic Education (CEE) to host a series of five Financial Education Policy Convenings.

The series of five invitation-only discussions aimed to provide state policy makers a neutral forum in which to discuss the opportunities, technicalities and challenges they encounter when considering statewide financial education policy and programming. Sign up to be among the first to receive discussion summaries and additional materials from these Financial Education Policy Convenings.

Map of the United States with regional areas highlighted to show locations of each policy convening: West, Northeast, South, Central, North.

West: What role financial education might play in equitable access to postsecondary education and training?

Northeast: What are evidence-based alternatives to state financial education mandates? (CSAs, two-gen approaches, IDAs, integration into state education standards, etc.) How effective are they?

South: What does the research say is effective in financial education programming and where legislative dollars can be best spent?

Central: How might we better support financial education in rural areas?

North: How might we build consensus around essential competencies that support financial well-being and are relevant to the diverse cultures represented in the United States?

These policy convenings were designed in collaboration with the Council for Economic Education to identify challenges and opportunities, align our efforts, and drive toward stronger design of more effective financial education.
– Chris Shannon, vice president external affairs, NEFE


These discussions will advance collective and crucial work of crafting and implementing meaningful financial education for every child. We’re proud to partner with NEFE as a leading conduit for evidence-based strategies in education design and policy. Our best work happens when it is shaped by all of us.
– Nan Morrison, president and CEO, Council for Economic Education

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