Bankrate Names NEFE Best Financial Nonprofit in Social Honors

NEFE receives Bankrate social honor awards

DENVER—The National Endowment for Financial Education® (NEFE®) is proud to announce that it has been named Best Financial Nonprofit for the 2022 Bankrate Social Honors. The Bankrate Social Honors spotlight influential people, communities and organizations who bring financial awareness and education to the masses. The Best Financial Nonprofit award acknowledges NEFE’s mission as champions of effective financial education and its impact on financial well-being through leadership, research and collaboration.

“Anytime your organization gets singled out for excellence in their work it’s an incredibly proud moment. We are honored that Bankrate has named us as Best Financial Nonprofit in their 2022 Social Honors,” says Billy Hensley, Ph.D., president and CEO of NEFE. “We understand the significance and importance of our intention, but this recognition reinforces that those with an outside perspective also see that we are making a difference in improving equitable access to financial education.”

To determine the 2022 Bankrate Social Honors, the Bankrate editorial team evaluated individuals and organizations whose mission is to reach communities that traditionally have been underserved. Bankrate notes the following examples of how NEFE is building access to equitable and effective financial education:

The Bankrate editorial team adds that NEFE won because of their:

  • Mission to champion effective financial education
  • Belief that financial education should be effective, but also equitable
  • Demonstrated recent examples of how it’s effectively carrying out its mission

Read more on the 2022 Bankrate Social Honors.

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