Partnership Projects

All NEFE projects are updated and revised on a periodic basis to reflect the most current feedback from our partners. Here are a few examples of projects currently in use.

NEFE and Catholic Charities

This resource is for individuals and groups who are starting or rebuilding a financial education curriculum. This program provides all necessary information, resources and tools to create a successful financial education initiative.

NEFE and American Red Cross

This booklet helps individuals prepare for a disaster by providing details on how to protect their family’s health, life and property. This publication covers having adequate insurance, planning for the possibility of a job loss or disability, and safeguarding important financial and legal records.

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NEFE and Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy

This research-based professional development program provides PreK-12 teachers with a standard, consistent and effective formal education aimed to sufficiently prepare them for delivering personal finance in the classroom.

NEFE and National Military Family Association and FINRA

The publication is for active duty and reserve service members covering topics such as mortgage, taxes, insurance, investing, legal matters, moving and other financial matters specific to military families.

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This publication was created for parents of children under the age of 18 who have disabilities. It is a simple, straightforward resource that helps parents manage their money and plan for their and their child's financial future and overall well-being. The financial management techniques presented here can help them—not just in times of crisis—but for the rest of their life.

Partner: PACER
Topic: Health and Disability (Cancer)
Year: 2011

NEFE and Port Jobs

Financial Tools for the Trades (FTT) is a program that gives apprentices the tools to plan for unemployment, manage their money, build credit, deal with debt, and save for the future.

Partner: Port Jobs
Topic: Workplace
Year: 2007

NEFE and American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Survivors of a parent, spouse, or other family member who took his or her own life are faced with practical financial issues along with the emotional aftermath.  This is especially true if the loved one was the family’s main breadwinner or decision maker.  Surviving a Suicide Loss: A Financial Guide offers information to help make sense of these financial issues.

Partner: American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP)
Topic: Special Situations (Disaster, Military, Low Income)
Year: 2004

Partnerships Contact

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Special Advisor, External Affairs
National Endowment for Financial Education
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Brent Neiser

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