Implementation in Practice

We provide superior solutions for researchers, educators, practitioners and policymakers. Within this context, we will place greater focus on understanding and enhancing the impact of knowledge and behavior influencers, bolstering thoughtful and actionable research, and convening key thought leaders to support a forward-thinking agenda for the field. By leading and encouraging best practices and knowledge sharing, we are committed to improving the effectiveness of financial education approaches and mitigating systemic factors which affect financial well-being.

To make the most of our resources, we must archive some initiatives, regardless of their popularity. While letting go of certain initiatives is difficult, it allows us to:

Work colleagues collaborating


NEFE will promote dialogue about what is known and what needs to be known, and provide clarity where vagueness, uncertainty and murkiness exist. In addition, we will share findings broadly, encouraging the field to adopt best practices proven through research and evaluation.

Improve Access Through A Broader Approach

NEFE will focus on systemic interventions and mobilizing and inspiring educators, researchers and advocates nationwide to maximize the impact of financial education.


We will aggressively work to help our field understand the financial education ecosystem and how all factors must play a part in contributing to financial well-being. We will demonstrate what it means to follow the Five Key Factors for Effective Financial Education , and guide partners toward measuring and achieving outcomes-based results.

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