Margaret Libby

Margaret Libby

San Francisco, CA

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Margaret Libby is chief executive officer and founder of MyPath, a national nonprofit that promotes upward economic mobility for low-income working youth. Since her start in January 2007, Libby has led MyPath’s pioneering work to demonstrate the effectiveness of integrating banking, saving and credit-building into youth employment settings. Under her leadership, and in partnership with young people, MyPath launched MyPath Savings, the nation’s first model to integrate banking, saving and peer support directly into youth employment settings; and MyPath Credit, the nation’s first youth-focused credit-building model. MyPath Savings is the only rigorously tested and proven youth financial capability model in the nation, and has supported low-income working youth to save over $2.5 million.

MyPath has banking, saving and credit-building initiatives running in 13 cities with over 70 partner sites, engaging more than 6,500 low-income working youth. Prior to MyPath, Libby led a statewide youth-led research and evaluation project at Youth Leadership Institute, and engaged in advocacy related to inequities in the subprime mortgage market while at California Reinvestment Coalition. She has co-written numerous publications around youth financial capability, youth leadership development and evaluation, and predatory lending. Libby currently serves on the Credit Builders Alliance board of directors and is a founding member of nLIFT (Nonprofit Leaders in Financial Technology).

Libby holds a bachelor’s degree from Brown University and a master’s degree in social work from the University of California, Berkeley. She joined the NEFE Board of Trustees in 2019.

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