CashCourse and California: Building a Financial Literacy Partnership

It takes vision, ambition, and a focus on student success to deliver financial education to more than 2 million students. That’s exactly what the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO) has committed to doing.

Since March, NEFE has been working with the CCCCO to build a financial literacy campaign for each of the 112 community colleges in the state of California. This long-term initiative, with a timeline of at least five years, includes CashCourse as the system’s financial education program of choice.

“We know how vital financial skills are to student success,” says Rhonda Mohr, dean of student services and special programs at the CCCCO. “Our goal is to create a culture of financial responsibility at our colleges, and to give people the tools they need to create a better future.”

Beyond using CashCourse both on the web and in the classroom, this partnership will focus on building a framework for integrating financial literacy into the student experience. Working with community colleges also gives NEFE another way to reach underserved populations.

“This is such an exciting opportunity for us,” says Amy Marty, CashCourse program manager. “By coordinating activities within the California community college system, we can start to understand the impact of a systemwide financial literacy initiative. We’ll also learn what approaches and topics resonate most with a more diverse audience of students.”

Phase one of the California initiative begins this fall, and focuses on creating a CashCourse account for every community college in California and testing the effectiveness of embedding financial literacy into different areas of the student experience.

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