Success Stories - No Debt, New Condo: NEFE's High School Program Changes One Family's Life

Teachers continually share their transformative experiences with NEFE’s High School Financial Planning Program, emphasizing the power of classroom financial education. “Our educators are at the forefront of financial education, and they are making a positive difference in their students’ lives with the guidance of the HSFPP curriculum” says Susan Sharkey, NEFE’s senior director of learning and content development.

In support of teacher development, NEFE sponsors five HSFPP educators to attend the annual Jump$tart National Educator Conference. Teachers compete for these scholarships with applications that include specific examples of when they knew a student “got” the HSFPP financial education lesson they were teaching, like Brooke M.’s testimonial above.

“We take great pride in our HSFPP educators and the opportunity to afford them more training, networking and engagement,” Sharkey says. “Savvy instructors make HSFPP’s plan-driven approach even more effective, because they are not just teaching information or showing students how to manage a financial task—they guide students to do it for themselves so they can apply financial decisions to their own lives.”

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