Chloe B. McKenzie

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In 2022, we introduced our first visiting scholar, Chloe B. McKenzie. Chloe brought tremendous professional and personal experiences to the field of financial well-being through an impressive and diverse career path. She has dedicated her research to examining and reforming financial education, specifically advocating for equity among Black women and women of color.

Chloe has been a proactive voice pushing the financial education community to address its flaws and customize solutions to better serve all people.

Chloe's Written Work

NEFE Responses

Visiting scholars are the voice of their own work. As a supplement, our Research Team authors companion pieces throughout the year, giving our insight as an organization through data and expertise to frame our own perspective. Together, the body of work developed will offer audiences a well-rounded view of the topic, which can be utilized in their own work on related topics.

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